Child Custody Case: 3 Things Your Family Lawyer Needs to Know to Protect Your Rights

Posted on: 23 August 2021

The amount and quality of information you share with your lawyer will greatly determine the outcome of your child custody court case. This is because the judge will evaluate the evidence both you and your partner's lawyers present in court to decide who between the two of you can best meet the interests of your child. Therefore, you must share relevant information about your case with your family lawyer to push for an outcome in your favour. Some of the information you should not leave out include the following.

1. Your Partner's Drug or Alcohol Abuse History

If your partner is an alcohol addict or abuses any other drug, make sure to share this information with your lawyer before your child custody case starts. This is an important consideration made by most of the judges while handling child custody cases. With this in mind, it will be easy for your lawyer to convince the judge that your partner is not able to bring up the child in a safe environment.

The judge may also award you custody of the child based on your partner's possible lack of parenting time. However, you must ensure that the information is true because the judge might request an alcohol and drug test to ascertain your claims before they deliver their ruling. It is also important to remember that this factor will work best if you are not an addict yourself because the judge may order testing for both of you.

2. Your Partner's Mental Health Status

Mental condition is a major factor that any judge will want to consider in determining child custody cases. This is because mental health challenges may compromise proper decision-making, which will negatively affect the child. Therefore, your lawyer needs the information and any history of your partner's mental problems. In addition, the judge might seek evidence of any ongoing treatment to determine the extent of the problem.

3. Your Partner's Criminal History

If your partner has a criminal history, the information is key in determining your child custody case, especially if your partner has been abusing you physically. In addition, the report will help you prove that your spouse might harm your kids if the court grants them custody.

In addition to the above, you might want to share any information you think will help the judges deliver a favourable outcome. Your family lawyer will be in a position to offer all the advice you require during the case and help protect your rights and interests. Contact a family lawyer for more information.