The Don'ts of Retaining a Family Lawyer

Posted on: 18 March 2022

Most people are unaware of the amount of work it takes to retain a family lawyer. However, just because your family lawyer appears considerate does not mean that you should dump everything on them. On the contrary, since finding a good family lawyer is already hectic, you should do everything to keep a solid working relationship. One way to cultivate such a relationship is knowing what to avoid. This article highlights the don'ts of retaining a family lawyer.

Don't Always Ramble Your Life Story — Family lawyers are busy professionals, and the chances are high that they are representing other clients besides you. However, a family lawyer is not your therapist; therefore, you should try hard to avoid talking about your life story every time you meet with your lawyer. Notably, family lawyers already understand that legal processes such as divorces can be overwhelming. However, although most family lawyers are good listeners, you should only feed them with information that can help you legally. If you need to speak to someone about the emotional or psychological side of divorce, you should see a family therapist.

Don't Shop for Alternative Answers — A family lawyer's office comprises different professionals, such as a receptionist, a paralegal, an associate and partner attorneys. It is particularly the case for established law firms where you have a whole team working on your case. Typically, the main lawyer wields all the power; hence, you should rely on their advice. Some clients find it necessary to ask other team members the same question, hoping to find a different answer. Unfortunately, it only draws friction between you and the legal team in charge of your divorce. Most importantly, it conveys that you do not trust your family lawyer. Even if you are stressed and frustrated with the process, you should not frustrate members of your legal team.

Don't Move Too Fast Financially — As you finalise your divorce proceedings, it can be tempting to move forward fast so that you can put everything behind you. For instance, some people end up buying property even before a divorce is finalised and without informing their family lawyer. However, moving on fast can be problematic as far as financial matters with your partner go. It makes issues complicated for a family lawyer, potentially dragging the divorce process even longer. Family lawyers advise that you should only make financial decisions once you have settled everything with your partner and have signed the necessary documents.